As Long As Darkness Bleeds

by Requiem Laus



miguel - vocals guitar
dani - guitar
ricardo - bass
anil carrier - drums


released January 3, 2011

Requiem Laus - all music
Jorge Ribeiro de Castro - lyrics
Ricardo Fernandes - artwork



all rights reserved


Requiem Laus Portugal

Requiem Laus is a death/doom metal band from portugal that have release a few cds along the years, go to and join the band, and find more news and info.

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Track Name: I am Cursed
a charm feigns the unfortunate soul
and eternity creeps as fear martyrs attention.
The sombre reign impeaching the comforted shrine,
bleeding me with an undecipherable question.

I am cursed, a frail playful void,
wrecked with dreams in a miserable night.
A fever so despicable that autumn laid alone,
abusive words fearing happiness, howling a cry.

Fortune and good will was granted to me
yet horror made me of virtue dispossessed.
A child lost in ambiances of wounding grieves,
reigned by creatures raising an unnatural trance.

Delusion brought me an infantile companion,
yet a shadow that never transpired distress,
that held courage high as a burnt perception
the philosopher of abnormalities abused, spiritless.

With every step, a grain of sanity was lost,
apprehension revolting the moment into cries.
What others created shouldn’t end with pleasure
yet my friend manoeuvred flesh into a horrible blight.

by Jorge Ribeiro de Castro
Track Name: Visions
As desires are often called to appear
and my age came to be of reasonable achievements,
the visions those nights held in vilest fear
were now agreeing with what comfort needed.

The esteem conduct of gentlemanly habits,
a compliment that took form in luxurious nights,
spilling pleasure in sheets whitened by passion,
famous for being rich and amiable cries.

Youth pounds its flare at those eager to walk,
a pompous and knighted beam leading.
The urge to criticize their maddening reign,
built a ridicule art to mimic festivities.

Leaning on the verge of tiredness,
promised to hold what rest wished to greet,
took one night to forget the forged past
as I met the grace that pledged eternity’s seed.

She painted a youth with glorious dreams,
a trust further than the withered needs.
My awakening greeted by a heartfelt esteem,
filling emptiness with promising deeds.

Held by the truest emotions, freedom was near,
our world being the fortune eloquence knew.
What apprentice of Life I sadly became
when paradise crumbled and chimera flew.

(My fire burnt alone…)

by Jorge Ribeiro de Castro
Track Name: Blood Lines
I was torn amidst divergent realities
where blood lines and heart spells battled.
My father holding me between his inheritance
and the passion my being gladly cared.

Sleep shed its fragrance far from my bedroom,
thoughts of ruin sealed my fragile light,
yet a new day proved a will to glisten,
for dreams and secrecies are a fool’s urge to fight.

What heart desires should never be chained,
for distress is a stain that spirit can glare.
Many times we are proud and brave
but find sadness engulfing what hope flared.

The memories of fond liberty are bleached
when dreadfulness maims what smile adorned.
Cursed! My beauty, ragged in reddish wounds,
damned by a razor sharpened scorn.

I held her dead body, distressed, lamenting
our perfect joy that no fire saved.
Mangled by the knowing that she was far,
agony being a companion of Devil’s obscene game.

(In tears I fled…)

by Jorge Ribeiro de Castro
Track Name: A Field of Sorrows
(I know…)
Time can move its way without repenting,
leading us all towards the deadly end,
but the love that cures our own poison
is often crushed by man’s tainted fiend.

My being quivered such ghostly tortures,
for nothing should have made me flee.
So, all my thoughts were to pay homage,
a caress for the memory taken in debauchery.

With meagre and shuddered steps I went back
to discover my father and his men were there.
Revolted by the presence of a treacherous character,
I believed that infamy took me to its lair.

Even if status sheds more importance,
still an existence of joy and passion was erased.
The coming days drowning my silent peace,
as I lost the will, my energy sickened in vain.

The saddened wandering proved to serve nothing
for abusive circumstances share no respect.
Friends and alcohol are a feeble substitute
when the heart is crippled, the soul is less.

(A field of sorrows appear…)

by Jorge Ribeiro de Castro
Track Name: Uncovering Earth
The moment came when to fight was vital,
for war is a disease that closes minds.
Seeing more destruction and poverty than ever,
I wished to venture into a future of bright!

Alas, what hope can one find in this world
if nothing resembles the harmony dreamt?
I was one of a quivering troop laid tired,
upon a place taken by a deadening plan.

We were greeted by visions of mortal woe,
remnants of life scattered without regret.
Uncovering earth to bury them all,
darkness felt as hunger bashing every step.

With dawn, bloodied leaves fell miserably
as a sanctuary of perdition for a heart to steer.
We were survivors and guardians of memories,
yet what peace brings wasn’t found here.

Good fortune was a treat difficult to find,
but light shone on us when a house was seen.
A rest, sweet slumber, we gladly said,
but night stirs a dread and foul quivering.

(To be alone in a miserable night…)

by Jorge Ribeiro de Castro
Track Name: Shadow´s Foul Scourge
I hated solitude for the heart beats heavier,
a discomforting richness blaming grief.
Enthralled, the wind held my skin as pain called,
seconds threatening peace as nothing was dear.

Shelter beckoned sleep as the forming wish,
but a branch was clouted, a voice leading.
A woman appeared, resembling my lost passion,
yet a golden spectre whose fair was demeaning.

Mangled pleas were raised to follow her,
a quest by night to flare the hearted beyond.
What courage should burst from my soul
if the moment stirs a deadly sound?

Entering a house scorched and weakened,
threatening glimpses damned upon me.
Bodies lying in shattered movements,
a frail resistance repeating scourges and pleas.

Screaming, as agony threatened to rob pity,
the fleeing led me far to unquiet beings.
Characters held by a diminished poverty,
ministers of deviance blatantly accusing me.

Appalled, found my companions slithered,
insanity leading me to a decrepit mourning.
A thick mist carried me through a pestilent slumber
and I fell, leaving hope searing, sowing… ashes flowing.
(Time reaps minds)

by Jorge Ribeiro de Castro
Track Name: The Scarred Epiphany
I woke up with my flesh severely ripped,
“assassin” hideously carved on my chest.
A man enraged telling me I flamed illusion,
his daughter being a victim of my morbid zest.

Fear and horror magnifies the memory to appear,
violence being the storm that hurts ignorance.
Formerly a child that conjured a friend in dreams,
known now to be a mirror’s insane perdition.

My other demon ravaged experiences,
the interpreting forms of ethereal significance.
Framed by days of torture and misunderstanding
where pity was grieving its weary end.

As a courageous image of a weakened self,
I distorted reality not to accuse me.
Desire being the luxury of a madman’s life,
as torture reckoned a killing spree.

Dubious manoeuvres framed my own will,
the long dreamt love maimed by fear.
He… lodged a carrier as a mislead saviour of women,
angelical scenes twisting reality to appear.

Reckoning the virtue of a friendly ignorance,
my mind was torn amidst shadows and poverty.
Despicable infections always stained what felt true,
all ending as the blade fell on my chest…
(A maniac’s righteous death!)

by Jorge Ribeiro de Castro